Visit the Team Shop in Nob Hill

Visit at the Team Store in Nob Hill to explore the entire United merchandise line in person! The friendly retail team can accomodate any questions you may have and ticketing staff are on site during regular business hours Monday through Friday. There's usually free posters and other special items only accessible at the store so don't miss out, you may even run into a player while you're visiting!

Uniting Art & Sport

Local Artists Leading the Way

Through the Artist Series, dozens of artists from around New Mexico have contributed to United. From murals to merch, the team is always representing the work of New Mexican creators.

True to New Mexico

The Land of Enchantment; the only way to describe it is to live it. It's pride, it's beauty, it's grit, and it's all spicy. Everything that goes into our designs, the quality of our garments, and the partners on our jerseys comes down to one thing: is it True to NM?

Opening Portals

Our partnership with the incomparable New Mexico based art collective Meow Wolf shapes our approach to how we create and curate every experience of our brand.